Arthur Elbridge and Ora Norcutt Wentworth Gallery

Arthur and Ora wedding day portrait November 8, 1916 in Lewiston, Montana


Ora and Arthur with son Melvin, Montana prairie, circa 1917

The farm on South Bank Rd, Oakville, Washington along the Chehalis River. Ora and Arthur raised their six children here.

Childhood portraits of Wentworth siblings:  Melvin, Glennis, Deloris, Thelma, Velma, Ronald

1950 Wentworth family picnic.  Arthur and Ora with grandkids. Right: daughter Deloris

Arthur and Ora's 50th Wedding Anniversary party at the Sharon Grange Hall Nov 1966. Back row: Melvin, Glennis, Deloris, Ronald. Front row: Velma, Arthur, Ora, Thelma.

50th anniversary party, 1966. Arthur and Ora with grandchildren present.

50th wedding anniversary party

In Ora's handwriting on the back of the photo: Prize winning cake in the Washington State Fair Bake Off 1971 Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington

Ora and Arthur sitting on a sofa.


Arthur  in his chair circa 1974-1976



Wentworth picnic late 1970's at Ora and Arthur's retirement house.


Ora with children, 1983: Glennis Wentworth Noble, Deloris Wentworth Larson, Ora, Velma Wentworth Davis Buck, Ronald Wentworth

Wentworth picnic 1986, Wentworth siblings: Velma Wentworth Davis Buck, Ronald Wentworth, Glennis Wentworth Noble



Visiting Ora in the nursing home. Back left to front C: Irene Davis Wentworth, Chris Wentworth, Glennis Wentworth Noble, Sandy Noble Gritzan, Deloris Wentworth Larson, Ora Norcutt Wentworth, Velma Wentworth Davis Buck