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Chris Wentworth RoserWelcome to Cousin Junction genealogy blog!  My name is Christine (Chris) Wentworth Roser.  I initially became interested in genealogy because I was curious about my paternal grandfather’s family.  When I was a little girl, I asked him “what are we?”. He stuck his thumbs into his jean pockets and said, “We are mutts, just like Mutt (his dog).”  As he started naming off a long list of nationalities, my grandmother quickly told him to hush. She exclaimed that he knew that he was mostly English and she was English, Irish, and Scottish. Grandpa had a big grin on his face and I was fairly certain he knew he was pushing buttons. But, I couldn’t help wonder if I really was double English plus Irish, and Scottish or was I a genealogical mutt? Thirty years later, I still wondered. I decided to see what I could find and I would start with Grandpa’s family, the Wentworths.

With only knowing my great-grandfather’s name and location, I visited a Family History Center. The volunteers gave me helpful information but I was clueless as to how to find my ancestors who colonized New Hampshire. I played around with genealogy for a few years with mixed results. After moving to Texas in 2004, I joined the local genealogy society and bought an Ancestry.com membership. It did not take long before I was hooked and I became serious about genealogy. Through Ancestry.com’s DNA testing, I have connected with extended family members and embrace this wonderful journey of discovering my family.

The purpose for this website is to nurture family relationships and establish new relationships by sharing our common ancestors’ stories and my personal stories. My inspiration is my memories of multiple generations gathered to eat good food, tell stories, and enjoy each other’s company. Thankfully, through technology, we are collaborate with each other no matter where we are, and preserve our rich legacy.

My husband, Jeff, and I live in Arlington, Texas. We became reacquainted at our 30th high school reunion in western Washington.  A few months later, we were married in Reno, Nevada. Jeff has been here since 1976 and I immigrated in 2004 when we married. Texas is like another country when compared to Washington state. As our ancestors did, I have assimilated well. I speak Texan pretty “good”, I love TexMex food and margaritas, and I am a fast driver. I still have not embraced sweet iced tea. If y’all are even in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, come on over for a visit.

My grandparents, Arthur E. Wentworth and Ora Norcutt, settled along the Chehalis River in Grays Harbor County, Washington in 1924.  They established a small family dairy farm.  After serving in the Army and driving a passenger bus for a short time, my father, Ronald Wentworth, returned to the farm, and married my mother, Irene Davis. My brother, Art, and I grew up on a farm located one-half mile from our grandparents’ farm. We were a three generation dairy family working the two farms.

During our childhood, we spent a good deal of time with extended family; aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins.  Art, and I enjoyed the benefits of hanging out during the summer months with our visiting older cousins. August was “Family Reunion Month”.  The Waller Family Reunion was at the beginning of the month, the Davis Family Reunion was usually mid month, and the Wentworth Family Reunion was the third Saturday.  My parents hosted family gatherings throughout the year which included family members from both sides of the family, neighbors, and friends. Those are cherished memories.

Paternal line: Wentworth, Emery, Perkins, Dana, Abbott, Littlefield, Norcutt, Kelly, Carlisle, Wylie, Haven, Boyles, Tuttle.

Maternal line: Davis, Bristol, Sparks, Pool, Howe, Waller, Calkins, Dewitt, Wedge, Holloway.