Charles Davis and Anna Bristol Biography

Anna L. Bristol and Charles F. Davis were married on November 29, 1884 in Algernon, Custer County, Nebraska by Judge John S. Benjamin. After the wedding, they moved to Ansley, Nebraska where Charles was a farmer.  Their six children were born in Ansley between the years of 1885 and 1898. By 1910, the family had moved across the country to the Key Peninsula in Pierce County, Washington. They established a farm in near Elgin and lived there for the remainder of their lives.  Charles passed on Sept 22, 1936 and Anna passed on December 31, 1937.

My mother, Irene, was born in 1932 to their son Ernest and Nora Waller. Although she was very young when she visited her grandparents, she clearly remembers her grandmother’s turkeys, the pea patch, and a huge apple orchard. The family was loud and boisterous. Her father was especially close to his sister, Margaret. She grew up hearing stories about outrageous pranks they would dreamed up to torment each other and their siblings.

Anna and Charles’ children were: Katherine L. (Kate or Katie) 1885-1964, Chauncey Weston 1887-1948, Ethel Caribel 1889-1955, Frederick Rupert (Fred) 1891-1953, Margaret F. (1894-1982), and my grandfather, Ernest Nathaniel (1898-1965). Their children remained in the general Tacoma area. Fred and Katie did not marry, the rest of the siblings married and raised families.

Katie was born with (in today’s terminology)) a learning disability. Charlie and Anna would care for her at home for most of her life. It appears that she could not care for herself. She is remembered as being sweet natured. Sometime between 1930 and 1935, she was committed to the Western Washington State Hospital in Steilacoom, Pierce County, Washington. It was originally built as a hospital for the insane. In 1915, the word insane was removed from it’s name. It remained a hospital treating those diagnosed with (or possibly in Katie’s case, a perceived) mental condition requiring institutionalization and treatment. Lobotomies were commonly performed at WWSH. My mother remembers her father, Ernest, telling her that Katie had a lobotomy. Katie would live the remainder of her life at the hospital.

Charles Frederick Davis 

Parents:  Chauncey W. Davis (1813 – 1883) and Charity Sparks (1815 – 1894)

Birthdate: May 29, 1857

Birthplace:  Jackson, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

Spouse:  Anna L. Bristol

Marriage date and place: November 29, 1884  Algernon, Custer County, Nebraska

Occupation:  farmer

Death:  September 22, 1936

Place:  Elgin, Pierce County, Washington


Anna L. Bristol

Parents:  Horace W. Bristol (1825 – 1874) and Anna French (1828 – 1858)

Birthdate:  October 1852

Birthplace:  New York state (exact location not known)

Spouse:  Charles Frederick Davis

Marriage date and place: November 29, 1884  Algernon, Custer County, Nebraska

Occupation:  housewife

Death:  December 31, 1937

Place:  Elgin, Pierce County, Washington


Anna Bristol and Charles Davis 50th wedding anniversary

Anna and Charlie Davis in their pea patch

Charles Frederick Davis

Bristol sisters Florence (L) and Anna (R) seated

1930 Anna Bristol Davis with Katie, and Nora, Ernie, Kenneth, and Wayne

Charles F. Davis, Anna L. Bristol Davis, Katie Davis

Chauncey W. Davis, Alma Sand Davis and baby Edna

Ethel Caribel Davis and John Hurley

Frederick Davis (L) and Percy Maras in front of record breaking logged tree

Margaret F. Davis

Ernest Nathaniel Davis, merchant marine days

Anna Bristol Davis and visiting Nebraska Bristol Relatives

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