Navigating my Cousin Junction Blog is Quick and Easy

Navigating my Cousin Junction blog is quick and easy because all posts and pages are categorized by surnames. There are several ways to quickly find who you are looking for.

Using the Menu Bar

  1. Hoover over each menu item to see what can be accessed.
  2.  Click on the information you wish to access.

To find a post about a particular person:

  1.  On right side of the home page, the most recent post titles are listed in descending order.
  2.  Below the Comments, the Archived Posts are grouped by month of publication. Click and view the list of posts.
  3.  Searching by name in the search box yields a list of all posts containing the name.
  4.  Click on a surname in the category list which brings up all posts for selected surname.
  5.  In category list, click on “maternal line” or “paternal line” which brings up all posts for all surnames on my maternal or paternal lines.
  6.  Scroll through the posts using the scroll bar at the bottom of the page.

To find a picture in the photo gallery:

  1. Click on Photos in the menu bar and select from the list.

Saving or printing pictures:

  1. Right click on the picture and a drop down menu appears. Some of the pictures scanned have deteriorated a bit so keep this in mind if the print quality is not perfect.

To leave a comment:

  1. Under the post’s title, there is a link to leave a comment or you can use the comment box at the bottom of the post. Comments are approved before being published so you will not see your comment immediately displayed. This prevents ads being placed on the website.
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