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A E Wentworth Monanta 1913

Picture Postcards Montana Homesteading

Recently, I discovered several picture postcards featuring my Wentworth and Norcutt ancestors homesteading in Montana. The time frame is the mid 1910’s and this was a popular trend then. Most of the postcards in the collection are not postmarked, only a few are stamped and postmarked.  As I identify who is in the postcards, I will make future postings.

My paternal grandparents, Arthur Elbridge Wentworth and Ora Norcutt, and Ora’s brother, Forrest Norcutt are featured.

The card was address to Mr. A. E. Wentworth, Graceville, Montana. The one cent stamp was postmarked in Benton, Montana on May 22, 1913.  The message is:

Yank, Can you recognize this? Dave

The image on the card is more faded than the actual photograph with the details of the house and man in the background faded. Grandpa and his horse are fairly clear. The other interesting thing is that small details such as the blanket under the saddle are clearer which makes me wonder if the printmaker was able to manipulate the final image.

This postcard was not postmarked and there is no message except Ora Norcutt’s notation that this is a picture of her brother, Forrest Norcutt, and a team of draft horses. This image is faded which seems to be common. I believe the location was Geraldine, Montana in the mid-1910’s. Grandpa talked about farming in Montana with huge draft teams.

As you can see, Forrest is a young man. His father homesteaded land very near to his sister (Ora) and her husband, Arthur Wentworth in 1914 near Graceville, Montana.

This is an image of Arthur Wentworth and his wife, Ora Norcutt Wentworth, taken on the Montana prairie during their homesteading years near Geraldine, Montana. The image is a bit faded but I believe there is a house in the background to the left of Arthur’s shoulder.

It is interesting to note the flat landscape and the very wide dirt road (to accommodate the horse drawn thrashing machines?).